Waiting List

Our last litter will take some time. Parents will be Louis x Christina as with their pictures below. If any family with deposit paid no longer wish to wait, please contact us and we will refund your deposit.

We will have more litters in 2021 and first litter of 2021 will be around April. If you do not mind waiting till April 2021, please contact us to reserve a spot on waiting list. Only serious inquires will be accepted.

Current Waiting List – October Litter:

  1. H.N – Show/Breed Girl
  2. Siran – Show Alter or Pet – Any Bicolor Boy
  3. Bak – Seal Bicolor Boy
  4. Faheem – Seal Bicolor Girl (Open to other variations)
  5. Removed

Waiting List for Future Litter (Earliest April/May 2021):

  1. Karim – Blue Bicolor Kitten – Non-Paid

Some Common Questions:

  • Kittens selection will be based on sequence on waiting list. Priority is Breed > Show (Alter) > Pet. Deposited Paid > Non-Paid. When it’s your turn, we will send you the available kittens’ pictures/videos based on your preference for you to choose.
  • If we don’t have available kittens for you who are on waiting list, your spot will be moved to our next litter. If next litter is expected after 6 months, we will refund your deposit per request.
  • Families that are open to kittens with more color and pattern variations will generally have less waiting time. For example, if a family which is open to any color, any pattern and any gender, will wait less time than a family which is only open to seal bicolor boy.
  • We allow one visit to our cattery when kitten is about 8-week-old, to play with your selected kitten. If you have visited other catteries within the period, we ask you NOT to visit our cattery to avoid the possibility of spreading any feline disease and ensure the health of our cattery.