Kitten Needs



Auto Feeder

Microchip ID & WiFi

Microchip ID


Water Fountain

With LED

Without LED

Filter Refill Pack

Food/Drink Bowl

Raised food bowl

Ceramic Set

Ceramic saucer

Feeding Mat

Silicone Mat

Litter Box

Top Entry - Large

Front Entry

Sifting - Good for pellet

Self Cleaning with Wifi

Self Cleaning no Wifi

Self Cleaning - Newest Model

Litter Mat

Litter Trap

Cat Toy

Soft Ball

Scratch Post / Board

Two Sides with Catnip

Scratch Bed

Sofa Protector - For YOU

Cat Bed


Cat Tree

Walnut Color Cat Tree - Tall

Walnut Color Cat Tree - Medium

Walnut Color Cat Tree - Small


Soft Texture - Airline Approve

Hard Texture

Cleaning Kit

For Water Fountain